Apollo Program : Part Reality Part Hoax.

Henry Kissinger and the gang running the White House under Nixon have admitted that they produced fake moon landing footage using Stanley Kubricks' London Studio, the same place 2001: A Space Odessey was filmed. Later on, Nixon gave the order to assassinate all of the people working on that production. This is not a joke, this is fact! It's not the moon landings that were faked, it's simply the footage on the surface of the moon. There was no way ok knowing if the images on the surface and that famous flag waving scene would turn up on film. Cosmic radiation and temperature changes rendered the film useless, so they needed to have alternate footage to use as propaganada for the capitalist cause. So they decided to produce the most expensive motion picture in the world, using tax payer dollars.

Images Are In The Public Domain As They Are Supposedly Photographed By Former Government Employees.

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