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> Paranormal > Personal Paranormal Sites - This site is about a particular haunted house on Appletree Drive.
BlueGrass Paranormal Observers - A Group Of Paranormal Investigators Out Of Hardin County, Kentucky.
Cathe's Ghost Encounters Of The Civil War Kind - Exploring The Ghosts of The Civil War.
DarkDragon's Ghost And Paranormal
- The main topic on this page is Ghosts, Hauntings, and just out right paranormal topics. - Listening To What Dead People Have To Say Is Fun. Especially In Dutch. - Bringing you the best in Ohio's forgotten manmade wonders, strange history, and restless spirits for six whole years. - We are a group of like-minded individuals in northern New Jersey, who investigate things that go bump in the night.
Grave Addiction - Photos Of Cemetaries And Haunted Places. - Janice Oberding's Haunted Nevada. Janice Oberding's site.
- This site is about a possible paranormal 'thing' that seems to be residing at, or visiting, our house in Clermont County.
Here and Beyond - Ghosts, hauntings, monsters, and creatures.
MALTBY CEMETERY - This webpage was created to be a definitive resource on the infamous Maltby Cemetery in Maltby, Washington.
Montreal's South Shore ghost investigation - Investigation by Le Spectre de Montreal From Old Montreal. - The Story Of A Man Haunted By His Deceased 3 Year Old Son.
Ohio Lost - Photos And Information About Haunted Places In Ohio.
Orbs And The Paranormal - Orb pictures and explanations And Other Tails Of The Supernatural. - We Have Pictures Of Orbs and The Interaction Of Orbs With People.
Question Your Beliefs - A Site About Investigations Into The Paranormal.
Paranormal - A Site With Tons Of Paranormal Links And Other Ghost Photography.
Paranormal Photos - Paranormal Photography From Many Different Places In North America And The UK.
Paranormal Pub - We have a vast amount of ghost and ghost hunting information links, ghost web site links and web cam captures.
Penny Zingery - Paranormal Investigator. Located in Houston, Texas, and a member of the American Institute of Parapsychology and the Paranormal Research Organization.
Sandy's Indiana Ghost Hunts - I have just recently taken interest in Orbs and Vortex photos. While visiting a friend in Tennessee in 2004. - We are a non profit, paranormal investigating group in search of proof that there is life after death.
Springfield Ghost Hunters Society - Paranormal Research And Investigation Team Based In Clark County Ohio.

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