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BSPR - The Baltimore Society For Paranormal Research. - A Site Dedicated To Prayer And Photographs Of Real Prayers At Work.
- Worldwide Anomally Reporting Website. Articles, Pictures, Stories And More. - A Site For A Group Of Paranormal Researchers. Moto: Talented, United, Empowered.
New-Age Info Center - Essential Information On The Real World. Updated Daily. - A collection of news picks, articles and good/related sites. - A Positive Vision Of The Future. We have collected and assorted a series of information that offer a hopeful outlook on the future. - Personal Accounts Of High Strangeness, Ghostly Going-on And Unusual Encounters. - Welcome To The World Of The Unexplained. Ufo's, Movie Reviews And More.
Unexplained Mysteries - Paranormal Phenomena And The Worlds Greatest Unexplained Mysteries. - A Website About Unsolved Paranoramal Mysteries. Not Related To The TV Show.
v***ger 32 - Southern investigation and research into paranormal phenomenon.

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