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> Ghosts > Organizations - Founded in 2001, by Jason Snider. We investigate anywhere in Illinois and parts of Indiana. - A Ghost Club In The UK, Established In 1862. Haunted By Former Members Since. - Official Website Of The Ghost Research Society. - What Is A Ghost? Can It Harm Me>? Can I Be Possessed. The Answers Lie Within.
- The National Ghost Hunters Society believes that this life is not our only life. - Welcome to the San Diego Paranormal Research Project. A Genesis Creations Company. - A professional research group with years of experience helping people who are frightened of or just curious about possible ghost activity in their home or business. - Founded 1851. - Welcome to Ontario's Oldest Established Website & Online Society Devoted to Information About Ghosts and Hauntings. - We are Tri-State Paranormal Research, a group of researchers in New Jersey with years of experience in this fascinating field. - Located in south-east Michigan, we investigate anything from homes and cemeteries to urban legends. - Researching The World Of The Afterlife.

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