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Carla Baron / Official Website - Featured currently on Court TV's hit series, "Psychic Detectives". - Psychic Detective Annette Martin And P.I. Richard Keaton Operate Closure4U Investigations. - Dagulf’s Ghost is a privately funded international team of Parapsychologists and Paranormal Investigators investigating North and East Texas as well as the Winchester UK area. - Franklin County Ghost Debunkers Center. Group Created To Show Rational Explanations To Ghosts. - GHG Ghost Hunters is a paranormal research and investigation team located in Pensacola, Florida. Our research and investigations are conducted in the Northwest Florida and Southern Alabama area. - Ghost Hunters of Southern Michigan. Our goal is to search for and record evidence of genuine paranormal activity. - The Official Page Of The Utah Ghost Hunters Society. Utah's Number One Paranormal Investigators. - My passion in life has been helping others who are in need. If it is the messages of those loved ones who have passed on, or the needing of someone to help locate a missing person. - Psychic consultant and detective. - Celebrating 5 years of Cuyahoga Valley investigations! - Ghost Hunters Team Working In And Doing Investigations In And Around Ohio. - Professional Ghost Hunters Serving The Indiana And Kentucky Area.
Phoenix Paranormal Investigations - Formed In 1997 And Dedicated And Commited To Investigating, Documenting And Sometimes Removal Of Paranormal Phenomena Across The British Isles.
PIRA - Home Of The Paranormal Investigators And Research Association.
The Ghost Stalkers: Haunted Hotels - Find out more about "Haunted Inns of America"
US Psi Squad - We are a group of individuals who have Learned! that so called "psychic skills" are not given by birth or whim, but can be and are taught through concentrated effort. - Organized in 1998, it was the first ghost investigation group in the state to assist those troubled by their experiences with hauntings.

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