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Castle Of Haunts - A Website That Shares The Stories Of Hauntings. Also Has A Section For Castle Of The Month.
Castle Of - Ghost Stories From Australia And Around The World. - Ghost Files is an organization dedicated to researching and documenting ghost activity. - Ghost Stories, Link To Other Sites, Graveyards And Other Haunted Places. - Ghosts And Haunted Places. Does the essence or soul of a person remain after death has knocked? - Your One Stop For All Things Haunted.
Ghost Master - Amazing Ghost Photos! Site Dedicated To Ghost Photography.
Ghost Resources - FAQs, Pictures, Links And Used Ghost Books. - Research, Evidence, And Discussion. - Obiwan's Ufo-Free Paranormal Page : Ghosts, Hauntings, And Other Strange Phenomena.
Ghosts, Energy And Anomalies - The Unexplained Caught On Film!
Ghostly Gathering - Ghost Pics, Message Boards And More. Chat Too!!! - Ghost Pictures. Some Really Cool Images. - Site About Houses, Ghost Towns, Haunted Hotels, Ghost Stories And More. - Mid South Ghost Hunters, The Oldest And Most Experienced Paranormal Investigations Team. - Ghosts, Spirits, UFOs & The Unexplained. - Phone calls from the dead are phenomena where a person receives a telephone call that seemingly involves a person who has died. - The reality based show that takes camera men, mediums, and ordinary individuals and places them in real haunted places. - Devoted to Road Ghosts, a very specific category of ghost, The Phantom Hitch-Hiker/Spectral Jaywalker.
Shadow's Ghostly Gathering - Ghost Stories, Photographs, Multimedia And More. - Home Of Ghosts, Demons, Witches, Graves And The Devil.
The World Hauntings Site - The Goal Of The Investigators At World Hauntings Is To Join The Religious And Scientific Pursuit Of The Truth Of Life.
Ultra Ghostly Stuffs
- A collection of weird and scary ghost photos captured in northwest Michigan.

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