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Unknown Primates (3) - Amazing Creatures, Cryptozoology, and The Supernatural. Join our community forum and share your articles, opinions, news, and more. - Your one stop guide to all things cryptozoological. Inside you will find all manner of corporeal fortean phenomenon, with an obvious emphasis on those entities which seem to have a genuine, biological connection to the environments in which they allegedly dwell. - This Is The Official Website of The British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club.
Cameron's Cryptozoology Page - News, Links And Other Information About Legendary Creatures.
CFZ (Centre For Fortean Zoology) - Still On The Track Of Unknown Animals.
CryptoZoo - Another Great Website About Cryptozoology. - This section is devoted to cryptozoology and the monstrous creatures whose existence is supported by this “new” science.
Cryptozoology - Have we found all the large animals still living in the world? Probably not, since in the last decade. - The scientific study of hidden animals. Great Resource Based Website. - Scientific Study of Hidden Animals. - Has Pictures Of Cryptids But Focuses Mainly On Werewolves And Vampires.
Norka Of Akron - First Hand Accounts Of Bigfoot From Northeast Ohio.
Reptoid Research Center - We should be searching under Earth's surface for Aliens, in the thousands of miles of underground tunnels, caverns and caves systems. - Cryptozoology, BioForteana, Zoological Oddities, Unusual Natural History.
The Cryptid Zoo - A Menagerie Of Cryptozoology. A specialized branch of monster hunters.
The Cryptozoologist - A Site Dedicated To The Study Of Hidden Creatures And Animals.

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