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Arkansa Primate Encounter Studies - We are of the belief that too many people have had encounters for this to all just be a hoax. - Articles, Pictures, Sounds Movies And More All About Bigfoot. – The site for those who would like to see bigfoot for themselves. An online travel guide for bigfoot enthusiasts. - This website attempts to provide the interested reader or research student with a general overview of the biology of the sasquatch. - Sasquatch Information Society : Researching Bigfoot Nation Wide. - We at Bigfoot of East Texas are a research group studying our friends in the forest commonly called Bigfoot or Sasquatch. - Bigfoot Museum And Collaboration Of The Cryptozoology Community.
Bigfoot Research Network - A system to network and organize objective research efforts in the Eastern United States.
Bigfoot Searcher - Hello my name is David, I live in North Florida, I’m a what you would call a Bigfoot research investigator. - John Freitas: Sasquatch And Bigfoot Researcher. - Dedicated to solving the mystery of Bigfoot in Ohio!
CANADA Bigfoot Sightings - A site That Asks All Canadians To Help Find Bigfoot. - Includes News, Bigfoot Survival Tips, Links And More. - East Texas Bigfoot Independent Study. Photos, Sounds, Links And More. - Somewhere on the borderlands of our world and at the edge of our understanding, they live. - Welcome To The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization Website. - Information Center With A Sasquatch Study Group In Michigan.
Minnesota Bigfoot - The focus of this web site will be on bigfoot/sasquatch sightings in the state of Minnesota. It will also include some information on sightings in the surrounding states such as North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.
North Louisian Bigfoot - Sightings, Pictures, Contacts, Links And More. - Sasquatch Reports, Sightings, Photos, Pictures And Sound Files. - Very Extensive Sasquatch Research Website Based Out Of Texas. - Audio And Video Files, Links And Other Information About Sasquatch.
The Bigfoot Chronicles - Yes, this is yet another site devoted to the 'big-man'!, yet I hope to bring kind of a fresher viewpoint.
The Washington State Sasquatch Search Group - Doing What We Can To Help Find Bigfoot In the NorthWest. - Most Bigfoot encounters occur when people are just camping or hiking or generally *not* looking for Bigfoot, so I don't feel compelled to spend my time Bigfoot hunting.
W.C.S.R.O - Western Canadian Sasquatch Research Organization. A private group of people who study the creature known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. - An Awesome Canadian Website Dedicated To Sasquatch. Events, Gallery, Book Reviews And More.
Winnipeg River Sasquatch Association - We are are group of dedicated individuals devoted to the research, tracking and report taking of this elusive creature.
Virginia Bigfoot Research - Welcome to the Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Combining Scientific Methodology and Shamanistic Awareness in hopes of establishing peaceful contact with these wonderful creatures.

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