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Ancient Contact (1)
Biblical (6)
Erich Von Daniken (2)
Magazines (3) - Looks At Equinox, Solsice And Cross Quarter Events Throughout The Year. - Aquarian Age Star Maps 2000.
Erection Of The Holy Cross - The Sacred Geometry Of Earth's Precessional Cycle.
In Pursuit Of Sacred Science
- A comprehensive investigation into the astonomical alignments at Angkor Wat. - Ancient Astronauts, Paleo-Seti, Ancient Technologies And More.
Links of Interest To Sacred Site Tourists - This is not an all-inclusive list of web sites that address the topics covered in The Sacred Landscape. - A Site About Nibiru, Planet X, Ancient Astronauts, Nasa, Mars, Earth And More.
Ring Of Brodgar- The Stone Circle And Other Megalithic Mysteries.
The Sky Disc - A German And English Site About The Discovery Of The Sky Disc.

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