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UFO Photography Sites (6) - Reports And UFO Sightings In India. As Well As A Forum And Seti Information.
Alien Enigma - Resource Site With First Hand Accounts And Other Information On Aliens And UFOs. - Award winning UFO site with photographs, Roswell, Area 51, crop circles, abductions, conspiracy theories and more. - Welcome to AlienZoo - Your home for all things Alien and UFO!
Aliens & UFOs Among Us - Gives Various Information About Why A Where Alien Sightings Were Reported Through History. - Whether you buy into the culturally biased, mass-media induced viewpoints, or if you choose to think on your own; there is one ultimate truth that the world is afraid to accept...the reality that we are not alone in the universe. - This is the result of over 9 years of research into the U.S. Government, their secrets, and the archiving of nearly 300,000 declassified government documents. - Welcome! UFO Evidence is one of the Internet's largest sources of quality research and information on the UFO phenomenon, with over 2,000 articles, documents and resources. - Site About Aliens, Ufos, Extra-Terrestrial Contact, Psychic Phenomena And More.
Tufop : The Ultimate UFO Page - Information About Roswell, Hypnosis, Skeptic Links Abduction Links And more Ufo Stuff. - Italian UFO Site And One Of The Largest Sites With Flying Saucer Research And Ufology - Offers Much Information On Ancient Astronauts, UFOS And Other Paranormal Stuff. - Ufo Case Files, PHOTOs, Videos And More. - National UFO Reporting Center. Dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Data. - Provides a selection of news articles from the web which are related to UFOs, Aliens and other subjects such as the Illuminati and the New World Order.
UFO Folklore! - UFOs, News, Sightings, Pictures, Videos And More On Flying Saucers. - Ufo sightings, Abductions, Sighting Reports, Abduction Reports And More. - Europe's Biggest and most popular UFO/Paranormal Website! - This site contains many resources regarding unexplained and strange phenomena including UFOS.

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