Taurus Major And Peak Oil!
Dusko Jocic (February 27th, 2006)

A couple of weeks ago I was surfing the web looking for something new about peak oil conspiracies and I happened to come accross the page, arkadysimkin.pl. The site is about a Russian geologist that looks for oil in extremely remote parts of Russia with his team of scientists and specialists. They uncovered something incredible in the ice and find a gigantic creature that is at least 20 times larger than the Wooley Mamoth. The glaciers on an incredibly remote island had melted and revealed the beast under the ice. The creature is partially revealed and there is more under the ice.

According to the website and another British press site, all of the tapes except the video on the page, arkadysimkin.pl have been confiscated and all of Simkins' team members have been payed off to be silenced or have been warned to not go public or else. I saw the video of the creature and I must say it was incredible, but I just couldn't believe what I was
watching what seemed to be a perfect copy of the film, John Carpenters' The Thing. After investigating the site I found out that it was an elaborate hoax created intentionally for a Playstation game called Shadow of the Colossus.

I was shocked! It wasn't the hoax about the ice creature that bothered me. Instead it was the idea that the issue of peak oil is used alongside a hoax. Essentially, Sony is saying that peak oil is as big of a sham as the Taurus Major. Obviously it's in the best interests of Sony for people to continue buying product and not question the idea that we may be running out of fossil fuels. The same fuels that are used in vast quantities to produce all of the plastics for playstations, their game discs and process the silicon chips inside.

The budget for this hoax was huge. They have icebreakers, choppers, fake podcasts, reporters, and a story that is just as well fabricated. Shadow of the Colossus doesn't even seem that good of a game. But in the high competition for gaming dollars companies are getting desperate and throwing big money at viral marketing. In addition to this there has also been another ad about the tsunami disaster and a giant creature that washed up after the tsunami and has become covered up. This is built around a grain of truth. There have been reports of fishermen pulling up giant squid for many years and there have been images of weird looking creatures supposedly from the tsunami but those are simply images taken by researchers on the NORFANZ voyage, a joint Australian /New Zealand expedition in May-June 2003 in the Tasman Sea.

The creature under the ice is a giant bull like creature that plays into mythology. Taurus major may just be a metaphor helping us describe peak oil, and we've only now discovered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our energy reserves. But the truth is were well past the tip and soon an iceburg made of sweet light crude is going to hit the ship we call civilization.

To definatively prove Taurus Major is a hoax the video was supposedly shot at 81 degrees north latitude
in mid-October yet the sun is high overhead? Everyone knows the sun doesn't shine that high up there
at that time of year. Sorry Sony, but I guess in the world of advertising there's no such thing as bad publicity.

By: Dusko Jocic


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