Disinformation And The Clustering Illusion
Ryan Fairley (February 7th, 2006)

So often we hear of the white rabbit. Neo in The Matrix even had his chance to follow one, and to most avid conspiracy theorists there is no better time spent then looking for a cottontail with a pocket watch. Whatever your theory or truth, there are two seriously important pitfalls to keep one’s eye on when trying to communicate your findings to friends, loved ones, or others who might be interested in finding out more about what you have to say. There are two really huge issues that confront those who look beyond
the “known”… and they are disinformation and the clustering illusion. These to monsters must be slain if one is to have any credibility when confronting a favourite rabbit hole, no matter what its shape or colour.

Disinformation can be described as “the spreading of deliberately false information to mislead an enemy as to one's position or course of action. It also includes the distortion of true information in such a way as to render
it useless.” (1) One of my favorite writers, Hunter S. Thompson (a crazy yet highly astute politcal wirter and “narcotics investigator”) had his own world for disinformation… he called it “hired bullshit”. Just as life is cheap during a war, information and disinformation is cheap in the information age. When anything of consiquence happens there is no lack of places to get information, but no one knows where the information came from, who said it, why they sid it, who they said it to, and why the hell they were there in the first place. If you want to sound creditable to your readers or your audience you must first get the facts straight. It most
likely that you have your hands full merely understanding what is going on, let alone find out what is really going on.

Not to sound paranoid, but there are many ways to make sure that the “signal to noise ratio” stays really high. There are people out there who make their living out of smearing the facts so that no one can really separate the sheep from the goats; if you want to see a class act follow any politcal campaign to watch the buzzards room and soar. Also, for those who love history and nukeclear weapons, the term “coldwar” should come up nice and strong. Disinformation was used during the coldwar in its purest
espionadge form. As the years have progressed more and more generations of children have grown up to be told that the media exists to fool them. Lewis Black, an outspoken topical comic says on his album “Rules of Engadgement” that he assumes that “everyone is lying” and that “he is used to being lied
to by his government” and that “he wishes they would do a better job when they lie to me”. Are we North Americans confronted with an era with less trust then nutritional content? It is important that we know what we know is true if the truth is to come to light.

Next we move to the subject of something called the “Clustering Illusion”. Dear reader, if you have seen the movie PI then you know what I am talking about. The Clustering Illusion can be defined as “the natural human tendency to ‘see patterns where actually none exist.’” (2) Now I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but lets just calm down and take a look at what really happened. I realize that if there are any of our readers out there that work for The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, or stations like The
Civilization Channel then they are not interested in “not seeing patterns” because patters fill airspace and lets face it, there are only so many antiques out there to apraise.

A strict “Clustering Illusion” is limited to mathematics, but it is also a good word for looking for something that isn’t there but is so important to the viewer’s emotional state that it magically appears. One of the problems about real conspiracies is that unless one is willing to deal with a serous amount of backtalk from the “coincidence theory” people then a real conspiracy (no matter what its origin) can go nannounced for a very long time. A “coincidence theory” is “used by proponents of controversial
theories (often called conspiracy theorists) to counter those who dismiss their claims; they mean to express thus that these dismissals rely on too many coincidences to be plausible.” (3)

Many times people who are affected by a serious tragedy are hunting for something that just isn’t there. Like a treasure hunter who bankrupts not only his bak accounts but his entire life for some ancient hoard that didn’t exist, many people look too closely at something and when obesssion sets in they have to much at stake to simply walk away. This being said one must remember that in many ways patterns can and often are hidden in chaos in order to confuse their true nature; anyone who knows about code breaking can attest to how covert operatives can use various cypers to hide a message in plane sight.

The Book “The Art of War” written by the ancient philosopher general Sun Tzu contains a line that goes something like “it dosent require sharpe eyes to see the moon”. This reffers to how any general can see an imminent defeat, but only a general of true excellence can see a victory when all of his seargents see defeat. To reach into the chaos of disinformation and to ciritcize one’s own tendency to fabricate truth when no truth exisits can one truly precive on a level that will bring a revalation. Only then, with cautious and sobre research, can we root out injustices and those Hunter S. Thompson would have called “filthy, poisonus weasles and lovers of hired bullshit”.

BY: Ryan Fairley

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