Lets Roll, 911 & Peak Oil
Dusko Jocic (January 10, 2006)

What if 911 was a conspiracy and was staged for a greater purpose? That's exactly what the website and film LetsRoll911.org explains with great enthusiasm and patriotism. There is evidence that the planes that slammed into the World Trade Center had missiles and explosives on their under-carriages to help bring down the twin towers. As well, people interviewed in the film say that there were separate explosions all over the buildings, during and after the planes slammed into them. Many eye-witnesses reported that the planes had blue logos on their front sections and no windows and their undercarriages were heavily modified. If these weren't passenger flights what were they?

So why would the United States Government or anyone else do such a thing? The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. When peak oil happens no one will remember or care about 911. Sacrificing a few thousand people to avoid the United States economy collapsing prematurely is well worth the price. Oil and natural gas based fertilizers feed most people in the world. 100s of millions will starve if the extraction of these resources goes into decline. So what are 3000 American cassualties compared to numbers like those? It is my belief that 911 was staged to start the opening engagements of a resource war for the worlds' remaining reserves of cheap and proven oil. Unless there is a miracle technology we were never told about.

World oil production is or is about to go into decline and the second great depression will occur. Without 911 there would be no justification to invade Iraq and secure the worlds' second largest proven oil reserves. All of the oil contracts were given to Halliburton and other American corportations once the American armies took control of the country. Many of you will ask yourselves why I would justify 911, but it has helped us buy time to deal with the problem or at least allow the wealthy to prepare their finances for the coming collapse. Since the invassion of Iraq, oil production has declined in that country and prices around the world have risen. The artificial reduction in production has created supply constraints and hurricane Katrina proved that those weigh heavily on world oil prices.

The film uncovers many other questions at the Pentagon. How could a full size passenger plane disapear into a tiny opening at the pentagon with little to no wreckage? The wreckage found at the site also seems to not match the type of debrit one would find when a jet plane crashes. Two, ten ton engines that are designed to withstand extreme temperature would have survived because they were made of titanium. Yet the official report is that the entire plane was incinerated when it hit the pentagon. Satelite photos of the Pentagon, taken days before show a white line, indicative of the supposed flight path of the airliner hitting the Pentagon. The area of the building that was struck had also been renovated before the attack.

The fourth 911 plane crash in Pennsylvania was also suspicious. There was no debris found at the site and all that eyewitnesses saw was a smouldering crater with no wings, engines, passengers or luggage. And many eyewitnesses in the area reported hearing a missle fly through the area as well as an unidentified white plane that looked like military plane. The design of that plane is a mystery. The plane appears to have been a secret design and it's purpose is unclear. But it was seen in the area before and after the crash.

It is clear we will never know the full extent of a 911 conspiracy. The motivation to do something about a future liquid and gas energy crisis is great and neccessary. Historians often need time to digest events with the greater implications surrounding them. Once peak oil happens will a 911 conspiracy seem a more real possibility? Until that time most people that do see it as a conspiracy will wonder why? The greatest question being, what happened to all the passengers if it was a conspiracy and real planes weren't used? And independent investigations reveal that nine of the supposed hijackers are still alive. But that is a story for another day.

BY: Dusko Jocic

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