Being Nicola Tesla Dusko Jocic (December 9, 2005)

Last year I had vivid dream. While slumbering I visited a scientific laboratory and interacted with a tall lanky man that asked me a bunch of questions. First thing he asked me about was my profession. I responded by telling him "I'm a photographer." He smiled and told me that "You are really a scientist and not a photographer." Then he asked me the question, "Do you want to see what you look like as an old man?" I said sure and looked into a mirror he gave me. I saw the reflection of a man in his eighties and it scared me enough to wake up from my sleep. I didn't think too much about the dream until about a week later when I was in the town of Queenston around Niagara Falls, Canada. It was the first time I had gone to the area surrounding the falls. I saw the huge Hydro Electric generating stations and thought to myself, could these hydro structures be designed by Nicola Tesla that I had read about many years ago? Being Serbian it's hard not to have heard of Nicola Tesla, the greatest Serbian to ever live. He's the man that invented, radio(not marconi), alternating current, remote control, etc. etc. Some would say there is a conspiracy to erase his accomplishments from history.

When I returned home I began researching Tesla and what I found shocked me. The picture of an 85 year old Tesla was the same face I remember seeing reflected in my dream. The tall man that showed me the mirror was the younger version of Tesla. I know this experience showed me my past life and it happened for a reason. But Why? I certainly don't have the mental capacity of Tesla when it comes to math and he was left brained and I am right brained. I am an artist and he was a scientist. When I was in high school I wanted to be an engineer more than anything but I couldn't comprehend physics, math and the sciences. If my past life was that of Tesla, why am I here again? What do I need to learn in this life, that I didn't in the previous one?

WTesla had only one true psychic experience during his life. He had drempt of the death of his mother and knew that she had passed away when she did. He believed that psychic abilities were illogical and impossible but he couldn't explain this incident in his life and it was a complete mystery. Left brained people are far less intuitive than the right and Tesla was as far left as possible. I have found that my psychic abilities are strongest when I am in emotional distress or turmoil and my intuition overrides my logic. The right side is also the sexual one. Tesla never married during his life and seem uninterested in sexuality although there are stories of him having an affair or two. But none are verified. The left side was overriding his mind almost completely and love and romance were the casualties.

For me the right side of my mind has donimated my entire life. I have been a poet, photographer, musician, artist, psychic, web designer, lover and anything else connected deeply with my emotions and the opposite side of my brain. If I truely am the reincarnation of Tesla then the only aspect of him that lives is spirit. His life was about using his talents as fully as possible to create as much as possible. And this is an acurate representation of my life. Except, I use my creative power to empower the emotions of others, instead of washing machines and televisions. Inspiration and inspiring others are the driving force in my life. I also share a strong sense of morality with Tesla, except his was very black and white. The kind you would expect to find in a person with a left brain. He tore up his patents for AC Power transmition, the same contracts that would have made him the first billionaire in the world. This was done to give the world free energy transmition. Because of this the world has cheap energy and American Civilization has thrived. But cheap energy will lead to great problems in the short term as peak oil, peak coal and peak natural gas production occur.

It seems that Tesla has created an enormous problem by trying to solve one. He didn't think about the
future consequences of his actions. I believe that helping people is not about giving them easy answers but giving them the tools to figure out their own problems. Doing things for them for the sake of honor is not enough for them to value you and your intentions. In the end, Thomas Edison is credited as the greatest electrical genious and Marconi is improperly credited as creating the radio. Tesla is a mere historical footnote to most people even though our world today would be vastly different without him. Perhaps if I have the spirit of Tesla I'm here to learn about how good intentions can backfire and leave you and others in a dire situation. I believe there are many consequences that will occur through peak oil.


BY: Dusko Jocic

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