Personal Conspiracy Quest Dusko Jocic (November 25, 2005) 

You must be wondering why I built this site? Is it for financial gain, or to uncover the vast conspiracies that threaten the sheeplike state of the human race? I've been surrounded by strange phenomenon since I was young teen. I have seen aliens, ufos, become psychic, explored lucid dreaming and even altered the future. This incredible stuff has only led from one rabbit hole to the next, through a neverending abyss.
But according to my psychic experiences I now know that the truth will be revealed to me at the age of thirty.

It all began when I was fourteen. My godbrother told me an interesting story about my future and this was my
first psychic experience. In case you're wondering about godbrothers, it's a Serbian family thing and not a
mafia thing. Anyhoo(not a typo), he sat me down and told me about a dream he had about me. He said that In a years time I would meet a girl one year younger than me in one of my high school classes. Her name would be Jennifer, I would fall in love at first site, date her and then that love would destroy my life. I laughed at him thinking he was absolutely crazy. First of all, how could I meet someone younger than me in grade 10
classes? I hadn't failed any grade 9 classes so I would be taking grade 10 classes, only. I had forgotten what
he had told me and three months later I enrolled in a grade 9 music class for my grade 10 year.

When I started school the following year my first class was music. I went into the classroom and immediately saw this amazing girl sitting to my left. When I saw her I could see a white light surrounding her and I immediately fell in love for the first time in my life, at first sight. Her name was Jennifer. I spent the next two weeks trying everything I could to get a date and eventually I was talking to her on the phone a few times a week. I was ready to ask her on a date and life couldn't have been more perfect. She was interested and was calling me all the time. But then I remembered everything my cousin had told me. I had to face a tough decission, would I give up this perfect love or risk my future? I decided to break my own heart and not date her. You try doing this at the age of fifteen with no prior girlfriends! I called her and said that I wasn't interested. She began to cry on the phone and wondered what she had done wrong? I never told her the real reason. I fought my own feelings to the point where I had control of them and then altered the timeline.

A few days later I was sleeping in my room with the covers pulled over my head. A bright white light was
penetrating the bedcovers and through it I could see a typical four foot tall grey alien. I was under paralysis and couldn't move. I remember being extremely angry and ready to jump up and punch this thing. But, I couldn't move, or yell for help. I lost consciousness and woke up in the same spot, unmoved. So I knew I hadn't been abducted. Later on I read in many places that extreme anger and hostility will protect you from these beings. While, fear will get you a return ticket to a mothership. I think that exercising my free will and ignoring Jennifer was the reason for my first close encounter, but I can't be sure. So I continue searching for the reasons behind these extrarrestrial or hyperdimensional beings. Personally, I think they are us from the future, travelling to understand the past or change it.

This experience has pushed me to take psychic classes, explore the dream world and travel the world in search of strange and unknown phenomena. I have been able to see my future children, wife, business, friendships, travels and various other things. The future I see today is one filled with positive and negative experiences. One of great achievement and disapointment. Life is bittersweet and I accept that, but I still want to know the purpose. Why am I here to experience all of this? I believe knowing the truth only comes through personal experience and that reading about strange phenomena can't compare to living through them. I hope that Will lead to some of those answers for you and me.

By: Dusko Jocic

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